Our participatory preparation process

Preparing the conference with YOU.

The entire event is being prepared together with youth organisations and young people to ensure that their voices and ideas are the basis of the conference agenda.

A series of 9 workshops in schools, training facilities and during youth events took place in Brussels, Strasbourg and different places in Austria. In each workshop, the participants were invited to share their personal stories and visions on gender equality. 252 young people – pupils, students, apprentices and young people working in NGOs or in academia – actively helped building the event in their very personal way.

As a conference participant of “Gender Equality and YOU. Young voices. Joint initiative” you will discover the results of this inspiring preparation process to continue the debate on the future of gender equality in the EU.

The conference organisers thank all participants, teachers and partners for making these inspiring and motivating workshops possible!

preparation workshops

workshop participants

young people at the conference

The preparation workshops

Click the red hotspots in the map to discover the 9 workshops of our inclusive preparation process.

Our 9 preparation workshops in Austria and Europe.

The Topics

11 topics for the future of gender equality

The initial preparation workshop identified topical areas in which gender equality still needs to be strengthened.

These 11 topics were further discussed and developed in the subsequent 8 preparation workshops. Additionally, workshop participants were invited to do their personal and collective ranking: In which areas of life do they see the most urgent need to take action for gender equality?

The results of this exercise are reflected in the agenda of the conference. The workshops participants’ priorities form the topics of the breakout sessions at the conference.  Also, each workshop left room for additional topics that workshop participants considered relevant for their personal life. These additional topics were collected and will also be part of the conference agenda as cross-cutting issues.